By training volunteer coaches within the organization, we enable organizations to offer coaching to all parents to help them prepare for parental leave - and ease the transition when they return

Redefining Work-Life



Everyone wants the same things: success and recognition at work with the opportunity for development, but family time and health & well-being are priorities too. This can be especially challenging for working parents, who often feel there are just not enough hours in the day. 


Where are you investing your most valuable resources: your time and energy? What boundaries do you need to set? What does it mean for you to hold your roles as parent and employee in balance?


During this workshop, you will look to discover what is most important to you and explore personal strategies for achieving your own work life balance from a place of empowerment that honours your values. 

Benefits & Learning Outcomes

  • Provide you with the tools to assess your own work life balance

  • Help you identify what is most important to you

  • Create a plan to find your own work life balance that resonates with your values 

  • Conduct a Work Life Balance Audit:
    Asses how satisfied you are with your career path, working arrangements, personal development, family time, health & wellbeing, etc. 

  • Increase listening skills:
    Become familiar with the 3 levels of listening, explore strategies for self-management, and application in daily life

  • Discover your personal values:
    During a facilitator-led discovery session, define your own personal value chains by understanding what is most important to you.
    Connect with other working parents through peer coaching.

  • Explore personal strategies for achieving balance:
    Take your strategy forward, from the workshop to real life.


4 Hours

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